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What can I do for you?

I am a fullstack developer with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. I'm an extremely versatile developer, adept at thinking outside the box and working on many projects, from startups to established companies.

WordPress Development

I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes right around the globe, from small family businesses to large governmental institutions and a mix of in-between.

Full end-to-end, from concept up to launch

New websites — from design and build through to launch

Using my frontend developing experience, I can turn any design into a bespoke WordPress theme using modern development resources like Sage.

Updating the look and feel of an existing website

Do you already have a site running and in production, I can take it to update it or redesign it.

Custom Plugins

Need a custom WordPress plugin that drives value to your website? I’ve built a wide array of plugins, from custom dashboards, payments gateways, API integrations, automatizations, extend the REST API, you name it.
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Headless WordPress and JAMStack Sites

The Headless or Jamstack architecture has many benefits, whether you’re building a large e-commerce site, SaaS application, or personal blog.
(hint: this is a WordPress Headless site.)

Build with modern tools and languages

Work with any language or platform

Much like how Headless WordPress uses its API to facilitate multi-channel publishing, it can also use the API to connect to any front end. Properly configure it, and it will work almost just like WordPress, but you can use any technology you want to build the front-facing part of your website.

Better Performance

Why wait for pages to build on the fly when you can generate them at deploy time? When it comes to minimizing the time to the first byte, nothing beats pre-built files served over a CDN.

Cheaper, easier scaling

When your deployment amounts to a stack of files that can be served anywhere, scaling is a matter of serving those files in more places. CDNs are perfect for this and often include scaling in all of their plans.
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Laravel Development

I love WordPress, but not all the projects had to be fit with it. We need to choose the technology according to the project specs and not fit the project spec with WordPress. That's why when WordPress is not enough, I can build a brand new platform using Laravel instead.

Does your project need a bespoke solution?

It’s quick, simple yet powerful

Being the number one PHP framework means that Laravel is already a framework with which most web developers are familiar, including me; With hundreds of packages ready to use but with a solid foundation to extend your project beyond the boundaries.

Open Source and Wide Community

Though many PHP frameworks come with a price tag, Laravel is an open-source framework for web developers. Also, it has a robust community that supports the framework to make it more advanced and flexible. Tools and Frameworks like Tailwind CSS, InertiaJS, or VueJS fit perfectly with Laravel.

Embracing the latest PHP features

One distinctive benefit developers get from using Laravel is that it incorporates all the latest PHP features. If you need a new project, know that you will use some of the best things PHP currently has to offer it.
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I’ve been developing websites in WordPress for around 15 years. Let me use my expertise to advise you on solutions and / or lead on implementation of features and functionality for your new or existing websites.

I can help you make your project successful in these situations:

Improving your current site

You're using WordPress for your website already, but feel like your solution could be better.

Know if WordPress is the best solution

You've heard great things about WordPress, but need to know if it's the right fit for your project specifically.

Help with a Headless or JAMStack site

You want to make use of the WordPress REST API to power a detached front end using a JavaScript framework like React or a static site generator like Gatsby

Get advices from time to time

You need regular technical WordPress consultancy and advice from an expert in the field.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Drop me a line, and let’s chat about your idea!