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The new WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator

September 30, 2022

About nine years ago, I launched my Plugin Boilerplate Generator. I used a free template and a quick NodeJS script to do the job and hosted it on Heroku. 

Heroku at that time was amazing, but sadly, it doesn’t anymore.

I started getting emails all the time from people who use the generator where they reported that the generator was not working; I needed to go and restart my Dynos. This happened a couple of times per week.

Due to the lack of stability on Heroku and keeping in mind that the code was nine years old and the design was a little bit outdated, I decided to start fresh.

Now the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator has a new design, and it’s built entirely using NextJs, Vercel serves the frontend, and the generator (the backend) is now a single serverless function.

By the way, sometimes you ask me if the people are really using the generator; well, I track every build, and according to GA, in the last six years, almost a quarter of a million plugins have been built with the generator, yeah, 250,000 plugins, sadly I didn’t track that data in the first three years.

Anyway, If you enjoy the generator and have suggestions, please get in touch with me at @tmeister.


Written by Tmeister

Enrique Chavez is a full-stack developer with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. he is an extremely versatile developer working on a plethora of projects, from startups to established companies.

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