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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator

November 16, 2014

As a WordPress Developer, I’ve been using the amazing Tom McFarlin‘s WPPB foundation plugin as my started plugin.

Every time I start working on a new plugin I find myself renaming files names, searching and replacing ‘plugin-name’, ‘Plugin_Name’ the packages and sub-packages names, etc. These tasks take me around 5 minutes every time, and I don’t like repeating unnecessary tasks.

I search for some generator online, but I could not find anything, so, I created my own solution, the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator aka wppb.me inspired in the underscores.me site and powered by nodejs for a change.

This generator asks you for six parameters, replaces all the occurrences in the original WPPB Plugin code, and generates a new zip file with the new code ready to use.

This is the first generator version, so if you think it needs any other improvement, please open an issue in the GitHub page or better yet fork the repo and make a pull request.

Remember you can use the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator at http://wppb.me.

With nothing else to say, enjoy and please spread the word.


Written by Tmeister

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